Create stunning emails and powerful marketing campaigns

Choose from the sample templates, design your own or import a custom-made design.

Typical HTML templates for use with LinxMail.

Never pay per month, per email or per contact again!

Send as many emails as you like, as often as you like, for no extra cost.

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Protect your contact database from potential theft.

Avoid the risks of sending your list to a third-party by working directly from your desktop.

LinxMail works directly from your desktop PC for total database security.
Low cost

Low Cost

With LinxMail there are no costs per email or per month! You pay once only and can use it forever at no extra cost. 

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Keep your contacts right where they belong - on your desktop! LinxMail is cloudless, not clueless!

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LinxMail automates the process of unsubscribes and email bounces, helping you stay within the law.

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Finally, your marketing problems solved!

Email marketing is one of the lowest-cost and most efficient means for a business to generate more business and to keep in touch with their customers. To help you, LinxMail has been designed to be:
   • Easy to Use - designed for non-technical business owners and their team.
   • Low-cost - never pay per month or per email again. With LinxMail there's even a totally FREE version!
   • Secure - keeps your data to yourself, not at risk in the cloud.
   • Efficient - automates tedious tasks like maintaining unsubscribes and bounces.
Email marketing has never been this easy, this efficient or this low cost!

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